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TADD Poster Winner Announcement

The Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association appreciates all the hard work by teachers, parents and the many others that supported this year’s poster contest. The students who entered also deserve our thanks. We hope that, by us working together to spread the TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN message, fewer people will be harmed by flood waters in Oklahoma. Over two-hundred participants competed for the four State awards.

All State winners received trophies, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners also received cash awards in the amount of $150, $100 and $50, respectively. Top 13 posters in the State will be published in the annual OFMA Turn Around Don’t Drown© calendar. Each entry will be awarded with a Certificate of Participation. Teachers will be awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation.


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Flood Risk Education in Schools

The Flood Risk Education in Schools Campaign sponsored by Outreach Process Partners, LLC is heading into its sixth year. We want to get creative in showcasing the program. We’re asking previous winners to submit a short, one minute or less, video testimonial of how they found the flood model beneficial in meeting the goals of the Flood Risk Education in Schools Campaign and your organization.

To reward your efforts, OPP will provide a $100 gift card for the winning video.  The winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 22nd, at the State Chapters meeting during the 40th Annual Conference of the Association of State Floodplain Mangers in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We suggest the following format for the one minute testimonials…

With the model in the foreground/background …

-Introduce self

-Tells us your role in floodplain management

-Tells us your organization

-Brief testimony on how the flood model has helped meet the goals of the flood risk education in schools campaign and your organization.

We don’t want you to stress over this…it can be as simple as having someone record a testimonial with a cell phone and sending us the video.  Be sure to send your video by May 18th.  All you need to do is send us an email with your video as an attachment to: upload.Videos.4d5uq6v8df@u.box.com.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at:


Mark Walton
Home Phone: 616-949-1569
email: mark.l.walton@gmail.com

If you have any technical questions, please contact Saraí at sarai@opp-llc.com.



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OFMA receives award!

ASFPM_Outstanding_Chapter_2015OFMA receives the “Outstanding Chapter Award” from ASFPM.

From the ASFPM website:

This award recognizes an ASFPM Chapter and their exemplary practices and activities that deserve national recognition. It seeks to acknowledge distinguished works by a Chapter in going above and beyond its mission in a way that can be shared and replicated by other ASFPM Chapters. The Outstanding Chapter Award is not given to any individual(s) leaders but to the chapter as a whole to recognize their abilities to promote sound floodplain management through teamwork.

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The Summer BFE is here!

As past summer turns to fall, I hope everyone is doing well. It’s been a relatively quiet severe storm season so far in our great State. Unfortunately many areas of Oklahoma (especially the western section) continue to experience severe drought. Because of the drought, flooding and flood protection are the last thing on the minds of some of our citizens. In our role as floodplain managers, we must remind our citizens to remain vigilant because one day the rains will come again. – Todd McLellan


Read more, download the BFE



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Flood Database for Oklahoma Released

The USGS in cooperation with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation Bridge and Survey Divisions have released the Flood Database for Oklahoma Web Viewer Version 1.0.  The database contains historic data from over 3500 sites and over 20,000 events from a period from 1891 to 2013.  The flood data was compiled from peak flood of record at all USGS gages, indirect measurements from USGS published from Tortorelli and McCabe (2001), ODOT flood surveys, and other data and documents related to historical flooding.

While in the web viewer, the user will be able to search for sites using information such as county, ODOT Division, year, data source, NBI number, stream name, USGS station number, etc.  When the user selects the link under data source location, the user will be directed to the original ODOT data or the USGS gage data site.  The user can also find news clippings related to flooding events.

You can find the web viewer and more information at the sites below:

Web Viewer:  http://ok.water.usgs.gov/dbflood

Project Launch Page:  http://ok.water.usgs.gov/projects/dbflood



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Poster Winners Announced!

OFMA’s Poster contest winners have been announced. Two-hundred and thirty participants, from 14 different schools, competed for this year’s state awards.  Of those, 14 posters were selected to become part of the OFMA Calendar.


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Flood Insurance Affordability

ASFPM supports many of the provisions of the 2012 NFIP Reform bill, otherwise known as Biggert-Waters 2012, usually shortened to BW-12. A centerpiece of this reform bill was to make the NFIP more financially sound. At the time the bill passed (May 2012) and was signed (7-6-12), the NFIP was over $17 billion in debt to the US Treasury (taxpayer), with little chance the program could ever repay that debt (now, the program is $23 billion in debt to the Treasury , [expected to go to $25 billion as a result of Sandy]). As such, Congress looked closely at why the program was in debt and what could be changed to improve it. The changes include many provisions for significant increases in flood insurance premiums to move them toward full risk rates and other measures to improve the financial soundness of the NFIP. ASFPM supports fiscal soundness for the NFIP.

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