Award Categories and Descriptions

Each Year OFMA presents awards to honor those who have made exemplary contributions to floodplain management in Oklahoma and to recognize excellence in flood loss reduction during this past year.

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Floodplain Manager of the year

Each year OFMA selects an individual that has shown significant excellence in the field of floodplain management. The individual has demonstrated dedication through the administration of his/her community’s floodplain management program in pursing the goals of flood loss reduction and in the prevention of loss of life. This award is given to on individual annually. Nominations are received each year from the general membership and the awards committee selects the individual based on their achievements. The individual must be a member of the Association.

Public Official of the year

This award is generally given to an official that has implemented public policy initiatives which demonstrate excellence in addressing present and future floodplain management needs for his/her community. The award recipient could be an elected or non-elected official. The award is given annually. Similar selection procedures are followed as explained in the FPM of the Year Summary.

Special Recognition

Special Recognition Award s are presented by the Board of Directors annually. These awards are given to individuals in the floodplain management business that have demonstrated excellence in an endeavor that is worthy of recognition. One or several of these may be given in any given year.

Outstanding Recognition

This award is presented occasionally to an individual that has helped to improve Floodplain Management at the local or state level.  This individual may or may not be an OFMA member.

W. Kenneth Morris Honorary Lifetime Member

This Honorary Membership is given to Association member(s) that have made valuable and significant contributions over a significant number of years to the Association for the improvement of floodplain management in the State of Oklahoma. One or more of these awards are given annually. The awards committee and Board of Directors selects award recipient(s).

Charles Don Ellison Memorial

In 1998, OFMA Board of Directors created this award to recognize an association member who has demonstrated significant long-term leadership and support which clearly influenced and advanced the OFMA. This award is named after Charles Don Ellison, a Federal Emergency Management Agency Region VI employee and native Oklahoman, who dedicated his life to flood loss reduction for Oklahoma and the nation. On July 23, 1995, Don left us at the early age of 59. His career exemplifies the spirit of this award. Don had the foresight to envision this Association and its benefits. The OFMA Board of Directors presents this annually.

Ben Frizzell Media

In 2000, OFMA Board of Directions creased this award to honor Ben Frizzell, who passed away May 15, 2000. In 1995, Ben became the Public Information Officer for the Oklahoma Department of Civil Emergency management and did a marvelous job. Ben was recognized by FEMA in 1994 with their prestigious “Meritorious Service Award”. The award cited his service during numerous disasters, including the 1992 Hurricane Andrew and the 1993 Midwest Floods. One of Ben’s many sayings was “Life is too short, it’s like a commercial, hit em’ hard, make your point, then give something to laugh about and remember.” This award can be presented each year for outstanding floodplain management related stories or publications produced in Oklahoma.

OFMA Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating Oklahoma High School Senior who is planning to pursue a career in a floodplain management related field and is intended for educational financial support.

Ronald D. Flanagan Project

This award was created in 2001 for Oklahoma communities or agencies that go above and beyond the minimum. Stream restoration, repetitive loss buyouts, green belt creation and floodplain partnerships are examples of project candidates. The OFMA Board will review all candidates and more than one Project Award can be given in any year.

Silver Scoop

The Silver Scoop Awards are presented to key individuals that contribute significantly to the Association. Award recipients help make the Association click. The Silver Scoop symbolizes the importance of communal “channel maintenance” programs, as opposed to a one time clean up. Award recipients scoop a lot and scoop often. Scoop contents are always rich and organic. One or more Silver Scoop Awards are given annually to Association members.

The Chairman's Award

This award was created in 2007 by the Chair of the Association, to be given to dedicated OFMA members who continue to make valuable and significant contributions to the Association, year after year, for the improvement of floodplain management in the State of Oklahoma.