3-D Flood Model

OFMA – Floodplain Management 3D Simulation Model

The Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association has three (3) of the WARD’s Stormwater Floodplain Simulation Systems. Each system is a large-scale (4 feet long, 2 feet wide and about 2 feet tall) and visually striking physical model that features a large clear acrylic tank, a colorful hand-painted resin landform insert, and three different headwater trays and two rainmaker trays to simulate several real world environmental scenarios that students can recreate and modify.  A User’s Guide was developed to walk anyone through various learning situations for audiences of any age.  The models are stored in special carry boxes constructed by an OFMA member.

The model can be useful at special city or county environmental fairs, professional conferences, home improvement fairs, and visiting students in the classroom. It is a heavy duty, hands-on simulator for educational outreach that brings home many key concepts in floodplain management to target audiences of all ages. It utilizes interchangeable headwater scenarios and accessories so users see the impact of development in the floodplain as never before. This physical model can help spread OFMA’s mission of educating the public about flooding awareness and good floodplain management techniques.

The model is available for any OFMA member to use, after initial training (please see the care and use instructions OK_OFMA_Care_4_3Dmodel.doc). The models are housed in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas.

For further information on the 3D Floodplain Model, please click here https://www.wardsci.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?product_id=8889092 to view the actual specifications and product information from WARD.

If interested in using the 3D Floodplain Model in the Oklahoma City area, please contact either:


Monica Cardin, CCEA, CFM or Tom Leatherbee, MCP, AINS, CCEA, CFM
City of Del City
3701 S.E. 15th Street
Del City, OK 73115
(v) 405-670-7379

mcardin@cityofdelcity.org or tleatherbee@cityofdelcity.org


John Harrington, P.G., CFM
Water Resources Division Director
4205 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(v) 405-234-2264