Traveling Trunks Program

trunk2A Cooperative Education Initiative between the Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association and the Oklahoma State Department of Education

In this program students will conduct an investigation to determine the locations of rivers and watershed areas on an island model of their own creation; design an investigation to test the effects of different substrates on water runoff; interpret data in order to analyze the impact of different substrates on water runoff, and relate that information to real-world events; analyze aerial maps in order to determine how land use has changed over time; create and justify the reasoning for a model community based on data regarding water runoff trends; and create a public service announcement. The culmination of this lesson is participation in a state video contest that could win up to $500.00 for the school department that submits the winning entry. To set up delivery of the traveling trunks, contact Dee Robison at 918-396-1900 or


Activities for the Classroom

Floods and Floodplains Management “Water We Going to Do?” (Grades 6-8)

Traveling Trunks Program Contest (Grades 6-8)