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How do I register for the online member portal?

If you are a member of OFMA, and do not have an account set up, please complete a help desk request.

How, or where, do I login to the member portal?

AWESOME!  I hope you like it!  To use our member portal, you must be a registered member of OFMA.  If you haven't received your login information, please let us know!

How do I get my class involved in the Poster Contest?

Teachers should contact the OFMA Outreach Committee Chairman, at, with questions.

I am looking for meeting minutes and agendas, where can I find them?

OFMA is proud to make these documents easily available to the public.    Just head on over to our archives and find the document you are looking for.   If you still can not find it, email our webmaster.

Link: OFMA Archives

Where can I modify my contact/profile information?

THANK YOU for your willingness to keep your information current.  We have provided an area were you can update your contact information.  However, information in regards to your employer, Certifications and OFMA Member status are left up to the OFMA staff to update.

Modify Basic Contact Information:

Modify Employment or Certifications: