Map Modernization

Map Modernization In Full Swing In Oklahoma

Eight counties were visited in Oklahoma during the week of April 2, 2007. Part of the Map Mod process is to conduct a Map Scoping meeting in each county where new maps are to be produced. Mapping contractor, Watershed Concepts, along with FEMA coordinated the countywide efforts in Wagoner, Rogers, Ottawa, Muskogee, Okmulgee, Cherokee, Pittsburg and Pottawtomie Counties. Each community within each county was invited to attend and voice their needs and concerns the contractor should know before beginning the process. Ken Morris or I attended each of these meetings to address the map adoption process that will take place 12-16 months after the scooping meeting. Map adoption is a critical step to assure each community is compliant with their floodplain management ordinances and regulations. New maps shall be properly adopted prior to the effective date of the new FIRM. FEMA and the OWRB will be assisting communities to assure this timeframe is met. Kansas City recently failed to adopt the new FIRM before the effective date and was temporarily suspended from the NFIP. Help us help you to assure this doesn’t happen in Oklahoma.