Our History

Chair Person Business Name Year
Marc Utley Utley and Associates 2014-2015
Todd McLellan City of Norman 2013-2014
Bill Robison City of Tulsa 2012-2013
Ana Stagg Meshek and Associates 2011-2012
Tom Leatherbee City of Del City 2010-2011
Ellen Stevens Ellen Stevens PHD Consulting 2009-2010
Clark Williams City of Piedmont 2008-2009
W. B. “Bill” Smith HIS 2007-2008
Laureen Gilroy City of Tulsa 2006-2007
Rex Hennen City of Shawnee 2005-2006
Jim Coffey City of Bixby 2004-2005
Andy Kincaid Payne County 2003-2004
Janet Meshek Meshek and Associates 2002-2003
Walter Stout City of Pryor 2001-2002
Anna Waggoner City of Woodward 2000-2001
Ron Flanagan Flanagan and Associates 1999-2000
Paul Zachary City of Tulsa 1998-1999
Joe Remondini COE 1998
Donnie Blanlot OWRB 1997-1998
T.J. Davis City of Sandsprings 1996-1997
Albert Ashwood ODCEM 1995-1996
Pat Hoggard City of Tulsa 1994-1995
Bob Bigham City of  Lawton 1993-1994
Greg Scheffe OWRB 1992-1993
Bart Hines City of Norman 1991-1992
Harold Springer OWRB 1990-1991
Carol Williams City of Tulsa 1990

Monica Cardin


    Monica Cardin is City Planner for the City of Del City, Oklahoma, and serves on the Executive Board of the Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association, Inc., as Secretary of the Board of Directors and as the Chairman of the Insurance Committee. She is responsible for the implementation of OFMA’s unique Map Change Assistance Program, an outreach program designed to aid federal, state and local officials with constituent concerns regarding flood map modernization. She is a member of the American Planning Association (APA) and the International Code Council (ICC).

    As the City Planner, she is responsible for day-to-day operations of the Planning and Zoning and Code Enforcement divisions of the Community Services Department. She serves as Staff Liaison to the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and Housing Board of Appeals. She oversees the department’s budgeting and financial management functions, supervises all support staff, and serves as the departmental training officer. Monica also serves as the City’s Community Rating System (CRS) Coordinator and is in the process of preparing the City’s application to enter the national program. Upon her promotion to City Planner, Monica undertook a complete overhaul of the City’s Planning and Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations. Her current projects include redesigning the department’s plan review process, rebuilding the department’s electronic permitting system, overseeing creation of a new City website, revising the City’s Comprehensive Plan, and managing other projects.

    Monica received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with an emphasis in United States Government, from the University of Kansas. She holds the nationally recognized designation of Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) and is certified as a Code Enforcement Official by the Oklahoma Code Enforcement Association as well as a Certified Zoning Inspector, Permit Technician, Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector and is a Certified Code Enforcement Administrator. Monica serves as the City’s representative to the Association of Central Oklahoma Government’s Area-Wide Planning and Technical Advisory Committee (APTAC) and serves on ACOG’s Commuter Corridor Alternatives Analysis Technical Workgroup.

    Prior to her service with the City of Del City, Monica served as Office Manager and Network Administrator for the Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board, Inc., gained experience in the Oil and Gas Industry with Newpark Drilling and worked in permitting and plan review for the Neighborhood Resources Department of the City of Lawrence, Kansas.


    Who we are…

    The Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association brings together people with a common interest in floodplain management. Members include concerned citizens, public employees and elected officials, engineers, planners, contractors, lenders, insurance agents, real estate professionals, students, corporate partners and local, state and federal agencies. Our objectives include promoting interest in flood damage abatement, improving cooperation among government agencies, and encouraging innovative approaches to managing Oklahoma’s floodplains. In addition, we believe a unified membership can present one strong voice to communicate with the state legislature on flood-related issues. OFMA was organized in November 1990 and is a chapter of the Association of State Floodplain Managers, Inc.

    Our Vision…

    The Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association advocates the protection of the natural functions of the floodplain through education, training and service to Oklahomans.

    Our Mission…

    We encourage and support, with our partners, flood safe development and flood mitigation. We promote sound floodplain management practices and the natural and cultural benefits of the floodplain. We support the floodplain management profession through education and certification.

    Saving lives and reducing property loss from floods are our ultimate goals!