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Flood Database for Oklahoma Released

The USGS in cooperation with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation Bridge and Survey Divisions have released the Flood Database for Oklahoma Web Viewer Version 1.0.  The database contains historic data from over 3500 sites and over 20,000 events from a period from 1891 to 2013.  The flood data was compiled from peak flood of record at all USGS gages, indirect measurements from USGS published from Tortorelli and McCabe (2001), ODOT flood surveys, and other data and documents related to historical flooding.

While in the web viewer, the user will be able to search for sites using information such as county, ODOT Division, year, data source, NBI number, stream name, USGS station number, etc.  When the user selects the link under data source location, the user will be directed to the original ODOT data or the USGS gage data site.  The user can also find news clippings related to flooding events.

You can find the web viewer and more information at the sites below:

Web Viewer:  http://ok.water.usgs.gov/dbflood

Project Launch Page:  http://ok.water.usgs.gov/projects/dbflood



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